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Special Global Education Opportunity

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Global Education Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Study in 40 Countries

World Innovation Team

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Global Education Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Study in 40 countries with a full scholarship

World Innovation Team

The management and faculty of this program are a truly international group and represent every corner of the world. Some courses will be taught by university professors and others by business professionals and entrepreneurs. The accent is on transmitting practical knowledge that can be used by participants in all aspects of their professional and personal lives. All instructors are required to have extensive experience in their fields. For each course we will try to compliment the course with a series of informal lectures and talks on the subject by a range of professionals.

Professors on the World Innovation Team come from 10 different countries. They collectively have 128 years of teaching experience and 76 years of consulting experience. They have collectively taught in 62 different countries worldwide (all continents).


Art Gogatz

Art Gogatz

Country: United States
Role: Program Director and Lecturer
Education: Fine Arts, Business
Expertise: Creative Director, Art Director, Photography, Education, International Business, Marketing, Management 

Associate Professor Art Gogatz grew up in New York City. His background and education is a blend of the fine and performing arts plus business. He is a former New York advertising photographer, art director, account executive, and creative director. He’s lived in Southern California and has written eight full-length motion picture Hollywood screenplays. On the international level, he has lived and worked in North America, Europe, South America and South East Asia. Art has lectured in 18 countries and territories worldwide:

  • Australia: Southern Cross University, Lismore, Gold Coast
  • Belgium: ICHEC, Brussels
  • Canada: McGill University
  • China: East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai
  • Colombia: University of Los Andes, Bogota
  • England: University of Bradford
  • France: University of Nancy
  • Germany: Nordakademie, Hamburg, University of Düsseldorf
  • Holland: University of Maastricht
  • Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong
  • Italy: University of Torino
  • Macau: University of Macau
  • Morocco: Institute Superior de Commerce, Rabat
  • Spain: University of Bilbao
  • Taiwan: National University, Taipei
  • Thailand: Burapha University, Dhurakijpundit University, Naresuan University, Siam University, Stamford University, Thammasat University
  • United States: Boise State University, Delaware State University
  • Vietnam: National University, Hanoi. National Economics University, Hanoi

The principal focus of his teaching and research is creativity, innovation and idea generation. He has written two books on how to enhance creativity. The most widely read, Business Creativity, Breaking the Invisible Barriers, published by Palgrave/Macmillan has been translated into Russian and Chinese. In the last 20 years Art has taught more than 6,000 people how to regain the natural creativity they had as children. In 2013, Art developed a comprehensive written test for creative thinking ability, the CTCTA, Competency Test for Creative Thinking Ability. The test consists of 100 questions and measures a person’s creativity on 5 levels in accordance with the creative attitude. The test has been used by institutions and individuals worldwide.


Virginie Lecharny

Country: France
Role: Consultant
Education: Engineering, Business
Expertise: Project Management, Quality Management, International Business, Food and Beverages, Management

Virginie is a native of France. She has 20 years of business and industrial experience, and a Master’s degree in food engineering from ENSAIA in France. She has worked for some of the largest French companies, both in France and internationally. She has 5 years of experience in Quality & Production in the DANONE group, in the dairy and beverage sector, 7 years in TEROS, (sugar sector) and 7 more years in Engineering as a Project Manager in Liquid Air Engineering. She has worked as a Production Manager, Project Director and Quality Manager. On the international level, she has lived in United Arab Emirates, (Dubai) and in Vietnam, and has worked extensively for Danone in Saudi Arabia and Japan. Virginie has strong leadership and managerial experience. ISO 9000, TQM, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and Kaizen are all familiar to her. Virginie compliments these managerial qualities with a strong analytical mind and financial capability to control budgets.

André Jansen

Country: Germany
Role: Consultant
Education: International Business, Consulting, Languages, Sports
Expertise: Innovation, Marketing, Sports Business, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

André is an innovation expert and Salesforce marketing cloud consultant. Earlier in his career, he worked at IBM and was self-employed as a project manager and consultant in the sports business. International marketing projects (in Kuala Lumpur, Brisbane, Barcelona, Paris and in other places worldwide) have further deepened his insight knowledge into innovative solutions to business and social problems, and given him the ability to combine strategic thinking with pragmatic implementation. He is passionate about connecting people from diverse cultures, varying areas of expertise and different backgrounds to turn great ideas into reality.

André grew up in Germany and has lived in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Spain. His background and education is a mélange of international marketing, innovation, languages and the professional sports industry. He holds an MBA from Nordakademie Graduate School in Hamburg, Germany, a BA in International Business Management from Cardiff Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom, and a Diploma in Sports Marketing Management from IST Institute of Studies in Düsseldorf, Germany.

 Faculty (Lecturers and Consultants) 

Chris Chu

Chris Chu

Country: Hong Kong
Role: Lecturer and Consultant
Education: Business
Expertise: Human Resource Management, Leadership, Psychology, Education

Chris Chu is a native from Hong Kong. He is currently a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Human Resource Management at the University of Surrey in England. He obtained his PhD from Aston University in England. Prior to joining the University of Surrey, he received a Tore Browaldh Foundation (Tore Browaldhs Stiftelse) grant to work at the Stockholm School of Economics, in Stockholm Sweden.

His research focuses on work-family interface, strategic HRM and leadership. His research has been published in refereed international journals such as Human Resource Management (FT-45), Journal of Business Ethics (FT-45), Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies (FT-45), Human Performance, and International Journal of Human Resource Management.

Dr. Saleh Mohammed Almutlaq

Country: Saudi Arabia
Role: Consultant, Mentor, Middle East Representative
Education: Psychology, Education
Expertise: Special-Gifted Education, Guidance & Counseling, Psychology, Educational Reform, Creativity and Innovation, Research Methodology

Dr. Saleh Almutlaq is a Saudi Arabian educator and supervisor in guidance and counseling. He holds a PhD in gifted education from Australia and a Master’s Degree from Bahrain. His research and work has been with gifted children and he is currently supervisor in guidance and counseling at the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia.

His expertise is in cognitive and behavioral psychology and therapy and in special and quality education programs. He is involved in educational planning and reform in the Middle East.

Dr. Almutlaq is a Member of the International Council for Gifted Children, The Arabian Council for the Gifted and Talented, The King Abdulaziz Foundation for Gifted and Creativity, The Australian Association for the Gifted and other international associations. He has also contributed extensively to academic research.

Mikkel Draebye

Mikkel Draebye

Country: Denmark
Role: Lecturer
Education: International Business, Education, Strategy
Expertise: Entrepreneurship, International Business, Innovation, Sports Management, Business Ethics 

Mikkel is from Denmark but lives and works in Italy. He holds BA and MSc degrees from the University of Aarhus in Denmark, an MBA from SDA Bocconi (Milan) where he presently teaches, and a PhD from Carlo Caltaneo LIUC University in Italy. He has received formal training in the area of teaching, strategy and entrepreneurship from Harvard Business School (US), IMD (Switzerland), Babson College (US) and Syracuse University (US).

Mikkel teaches an average of 60 course days per year in around 20 different executive and master courses, mainly in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation, strategy, and business planning. He is currently doing research into the area of Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and comments and publishes blogs on other academic themes as well such as Start-Up Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Finance, Strategic Management, Sports Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Non-Market Strategies and Business Ethics.

Mikkel is frequently involved as a visiting professor, expert and guest speaker in courses, seminars, and events involving Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Sports Management, Business and Strategic Planning. Institutions inviting Mikkel includes: Barilla, Edison, Enel Green Power, Whirlpool Europe, Gruppo Unicredito, Confindustria (all in Italy), UEFA, CIES (both in Switzerland), Rotterdam School of Management, Nyenrode University (both in the Netherlands), Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), Fudan Shanghai University (China), and Nordakademie (Germany).

Suddha Sattwa Basu

Country: India
Role: Consultant
Education: Electrical Engineering, International Business, Law
Expertise: International Business, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Technology, Intellectual Property Management 

Suddha is a seasoned innovation facilitator, intellectual property (IP) manager and strategic consulting professional with more than a decade of experience in corporate R&D, new product development and intellectual property management in the automation and Information technology industry.

In his last corporate role, he was a member of the corporate business excellence group at Cyient Ltd based in Hyderabad, India & led innovation projects, R&D partnerships & IP management for the USD 400 Million global engineering R&D solutions organization. He has significant experience with world’s leading Fortune 100 technology companies as an employee and as an external consultant.

He holds a bachelor of electrical engineering degree from Biju Pattnaik University of Technology, Odisha and a post graduate qualification in IP law from the IIT Kharagpur Law School. Suddha is a technology enthusiast and a certified software patent circumvention expert from the TRIZ Association of Asia. He also holds dual Six Sigma certifications for new product development & process excellence projects in IT services. Suddha is also a graduate of the prestigious Berkeley Executive Program in Management from the prestigious Haas School of Business @ University of California, Berkley, USA

Suddha is passionate about technology start-ups, early stage companies & social ventures. He advises several SMEs, start-ups & social innovation initiatives including Honeybee Network and currently mentors several global initiatives. He has recently co-founded an innovation partnership and strategy consulting business with presence in New Delhi, Kolkata, and Hyderabad, India. Suddha has led more than 50+ new product introductions, 70+ patented technology developments and 100+ patent/innovation trainings for engineers/managers in automation and technology domains for emerging markets. Suddha loves classic Rock’n’roll, World Music, Tantric philosophy and Indian mythology. He lives in Hyderabad.

Natalia Gogatz

Natalia Gogatz

Country: United States
Role: Lecturer and Consultant
Education: Design, Cinema, Fashion, Theatre
Expertise: Costume Design, Television and Cinema, Performing Arts, Education

Natalia Gogatz was born in France to a global family. Multilingual, her education was in France, Switzerland, England, Hong Kong, Colombia and the United States. Natalia has a BA from the University of California Los Angeles, (UCLA) and a Masters degree in Costume Design for Performance, (theatre and cinema) from the University of the Arts, London. A player on the world stage, her real domain is Hollywood, where she works on films and television programs for a variety of studios. She has recently worked on a series of popular American television programs, including American Horror Story and Justified. Natalia has a strong background in the graphic arts, design, and creativity. A dynamic young woman, she brings a strong international background and experience working on several continents to the World Innovation Team.

Sergio Janczak

Sergio Janczak

Country: Brazil
Role: Lecturer and Consultant
Education: Engineering, Business
Expertise: Electrical Engineering, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Languages, Education

Sergio Janczak is full professor of International Business and Entrepreneurship at Kings College at Western University-Canada. He holds a Ph.D. from HEC-Monteal.  Dr. Janczak is also Affiliated Research professor at ICN Business School in Nancy, France and visiting professor at Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Prior to Academia, Sergio was an electrical engineer for twenty years in the energy industry (upstream and downstream) in one of Brazil’s largest companies. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.  His research interests are: Intrapreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Cross Cultural Management and Global Business.

Laurie Marshall

Country: USA
Role: Consultant
Education: Fine Arts, Education, Social Studies
Expertise: Education, Psychology, Mentoring, Fine Arts, Entrepreneurship, Sociology

Laurie Marshall has a talent for empowering young people. She is a certified social studies and art teacher. Her specialty is incorporating project-based learning and arts integration with academic subjects to engage young people. She’s also taught in community colleges, universities and professional development courses for teachers.

A graduate of Antioch College, with an M.A. from Beacon College (now the Union Institute), she has authored eight books, 11 plays, and 36 videos. Her book, Beating the Odds Now – Ten Steps for Teachers to Meet the Standards and Still Love What You Do!,” is a love letter to teachers, which focuses on the importance of finding the “spark” of each child, using Nature as a model for instruction and structuring real work for young people to do. It is used in 10 countries, including the U.S.A. Her collaborative mural process has been used by thousands of people around the world to envision positive futures, including NASA, the Department of Interior, UNICEF the Army Corps of Engineers, foster homes, hospices and prisons.

Founder of Unity Through Creativity a non-profit that sparks innovation through creative collaboration, she has recently merged her work with Create Peace Project a world leader in Peace Building Through Creativity. This organization works with young entrepreneurs in Uganda, Ghana, Bosnia-Herzegovina and low-income areas of the U.S. (Pittsburgh, PA, Oakland, CA.). Laurie believes in an eco-system approach to education and economics, where every organism matters. She values the important role young people have to play in creating a just and beautiful world, which is why she embraces the work of the World Innovation Team.

Sara Bermúdez Tamayo

Country: Colombia
Role: Consultant
Education: Product Design Engineering, Psychology of Creativity, Communications, Technology and Innovation Management
Expertise:  Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Product Design Engineering, Innovation, Management, International Education

Sara is a creativity, innovation and education enthusiast who is passionate about travelling and learning new languages. In addition to Colombia, she has also lived in the USA, Austria, Spain and Germany. She holds a Bachelor’s in product design engineering from the EAFIT University in Colombia, a Master’s degree in psycho-creativity from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain and a M.Sc. in international production management from the Technical University of Hamburg in Germany.

Currently, she is working at GfK, Germany’s largest market research institute, in the Digital Media Operations department. She writes about Hamburg’s StartUp scene at a European online magazine called StartUs Magazine, at the same time developing her own creative project called Earthly Delights, which is a social experiment in the form of a three-day art event based on “experiential learning” theories. Sara has also strong background in research, especially in the areas of the psychology of creativity, open user innovation and technology as it applies to entrepreneurship.

Mark Azavedo

Country: United Kingdom
Role: Consultant
Education: Social Anthropology, Sociology, Business, Education
Expertise: Cross-Cultural Awareness, Cross-Cultural Business Management, Marketing, Teaching, International Business, Consulting, Entrepreneurship

Mark has enormous international experience. Originally from the United Kingdom, he’s travelled to 53 countries worldwide, and has worked in most of them. He has taught cross-cultural awareness and cross-cultural business management, as well as politics. Mark strongly believes that unless you have a firm understanding of the political landscape of any country that you are considering entering to establish business, even just partnerships, you are doomed.

He is obsessed with enterprise, notably small business. Mark’s facilitated on and organised enterprise conferences for UK 6th formers. He has received overseas students for business courses in UK and worked with some of the most entrepreneurial companies in the United Kingdom, notably Virgin.
More importantly, he has started and run several of his own small companies over the years. Currently, he runs a small UK property company, with a very specific, and successful, business model.

Mark is in the process of doing research on Farmers’ Markets, which as he states, often act as glue for social cohesion and development and as a tool for women’s empowerment. He has extensive experience in China, Thailand and Japan.

Jana Kemp

Jana Kemp

Country: United States
Role: Consultant
Education: Criminology, Business
Expertise: Writing, Political Science, Public Speaking, Government, Business, Creativity

Jana Kemp is the author of six books in seven languages with these publishers: McGraw Hill (1 language); Amacom (6 languages), Praeger, and Stanford University Press. Her workshop, facilitation, and conference speaking business has included work across the United States and international audiences – both English speaking and those dependent upon interpreters. She has also spoken to groups whose members include hearing impairments, sight impairments, and developmental disabilities. Jana served in the Idaho Legislature (2004-2006) and ran as an independent candidate for Governor of Idaho (2010). She calls Garden City, Idaho, her base camp for working with the state, region, country and world. Her clients span from local, state and federal government entities to Fortune companies, small businesses, and non-profits.


Dr. Anja-Karina Pahl

Dr. Anja-Karina Pahl

Country: England
Role: Lecturer and Consultant
Education: Innovation, Business, Religion, Science
Expertise: Consulting, International Business, Creativity and Innovation, Coaching, Religion

Anja has travelled to 38 countries and taught in 29 of them, while blending creativity and creative problem solving with science and religion. This work spans the last 15 years. A recognized United Kingdom leader in multidisciplinary innovation, Anja’s insights are applied by Lean consultants, managers, designers and CEOs in areas ranging from Aerospace to Defense, Banking, Life Coaching and Food Retailing. Her Innovation Map, Inspiration Cards and PRIZM Process return multi-billion Euro results in facilitated sessions. Anja’s latest project combines STEM, Buddhism and storytelling to motivate and connect young people in The Future of Inspiration, to solve local problems for pleasure, profit and a higher purpose.

Saskia Harkema

Country: Netherlands
Role: Consultant
Education: Sociology, International Business Administration, Innovation
Expertise: International Business, Innovation, Change Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Management, Sociology, Education

Saskia Harkema grew up in South America (Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia) and this has had a great influence on her development and choices in life. Her working career shows her multifaceted talents and skills. With a degree in Sociology she started her working life as a consultant and later international project manager Europe at Philips Lighting. Here she acquired hands-on and academic experience in the broad field of marketing and international project management. She also has a Master degree in Business Administration from the University of Bradford after which she made a switch to academia and education. In 2004 she finished her PhD at the University of Nyenrode in The Netherlands on a fascinating research on innovation framed within complex adaptive systems theory. In the course of the years she has become an expert in innovation, change and entrepreneurship with both hands-on and academic experience. She has developed several innovative programs funded by the EU, developed and managed 4-year European projects and carried out longitudinal research in a large variety of sectors which has resulted in a large number of publications. At this stage in her life she has chosen to become mostly independent to do what she believes in and is passionate about: teaching, lecturing, training young people, executives and professionals from all over the globe. Recently, part of her efforts are also geared at supporting refugees to find their way in society and materialize their dreams. To that end she has set up a Foundation Faces of Change. Mahatma Ghandi’s words inspire her “be the change you wish to see in the world”.


Consuelo Cepeda

Country: Colombia
Role: Consultant
Education: Business, Languages
Expertise: Consulting, International Business, Innovation, Strategy

Consuelo has international experience and a MBA degree from Clemson University, USA. She is fully bilingual and value oriented through innovation processes oriented with 20 year career building in strategy, innovation and transformation management from senior industry positions and also working with members of board through consulting services. She has broad experience in developing and supporting growth, long-lasting relationships with customers and suppliers, working creatively and efficiently in fast paced environments and establishing international networks.

  • Industry experience: Oil and gas, food ingredients, agroindustry, wire and cable, manufacturing, electrical/energy sector
  • Expertise: Strategy development and business planning, innovation assessment, business model innovation, product and service portfolio
  • management, technology, portfolio management, lean and agile R&D, product lifecycle management, revenue generation
  • Geographical work experience: North America, South America, Europe

Adela Vangelisti

Country: USA
Education: Creativity, Change Leadership
Expertise: Organizational Development utilizing Creativity and Innovation Processes and Methodologies

Adela is a native of Mexico and a former fashion editor and ballet dancer. Her excellent analytical skills, along with her diversified background, provide her with a solid understanding of the issues impacting corporate as well as educational organizations in the 21st century. Through her career Adela has worked closely with a variety of organizations developing innovative solutions to help them navigate through change. She holds a M.S. and is certified as a LegoSerious Play, Creative Problem Solving (CPS) as well as Technology of Participation facilitator. Adela enjoys supporting individuals as well as teams in identifying and sharpening their competitive edge. She is fully cross cultural and bilingual (English/Spanish).

Karen Koelma

Karen Koelma-Van Wetter

Country: Netherlands
Role: Consultant
Education: Business, Languages
Expertise: Project Management, Change Management, International Business

Karen is a “professional organiser”. Her credo is “your chaos is my passion”. She has worked as a change manager and project manager for companies such as Dutch Telecom, the Department of Public Works, the Department of Justice, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. At this moment she works as an executive assistant for an international company and travels the globe arranging everything to support the managing director.

Karen graduated from the International Business School in Groningen, Netherlands, and spent a year abroad studying in France. She speaks Dutch, English, French, German, and Spanish. Not only does she speak the languages, but she also studied the cultures and backgrounds behind them. Her passion in live is to help others feel good in their lives or jobs and to support them where ever  she can to achieve their goals. She always treats people the same way she would like to be treated by them. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with other people. In return they offer her the possibility to see things from their perspective and this enriches her enormously.

Narudee Kristhanin

Narudee Kristhanin

Country: Thailand
Role: Lecturer and Consultant
Education: Communications, Marketing
Expertise: Marketing, Education, Branding, Communications, International Business

Narudee Kristhanin is currently a multi-disciplinary consultant and trainer specialized in integrated marketing, branding, customer experience, and recently has expanded her area of specialization into change leadership and neuromarketing. Narudee has inspired and taken part in strategic transformation in both local and multinational organizations in industries such as FMCG, banking, tourism, retails, energy, automobile, and telecommunication.  Some of her clients include the Parliament of Thailand, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Bangkok Bank, Aon Hewitt, Nestle, Merck, Roche Diagnostic, Yamaha, Yum!

Narudee has a solid foundation in branding, marketing & communications, and has been invited to be a guest lecturer at many reputable universities including Northwestern University, Mahidol University and Chulalongkorn University.  She is also serving as a part-time lecturer for the Master’s and Undergraduate level at Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University. She has been a columnist (Integrated Marketing Communications Topics) for The Post Today Newspaper; a residency at Global Marketing Communication Department at Rockwell Automation Inc., Wisconsin, USA; and a Public Relations Executive at J. Walter Thompson, one of the world’s top marketing communication agencies. Narudee received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts (First Class Honors) from Chulalongkorn University, and her Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University, USA.

Reuben Mondejar

Dr. Reuben Mondejar

Country: Hong Kong and Philippines
Role: Lecturer
Education: Business, Politics, Religion, Sociology
Expertise: Education, Management, International Business, Entrepreneurship, Ethics

Dr. Reuben Mondejar has been as Associate Professor in the Management Department of City University Hong Kong for the past 25 years. He is also the Director of university’s MA Global Business Management Program. Reuben teaches entrepreneurship, comparative management and international business on the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Reuben is truly international. His Doctorate is from Spain. He has a Masters degree from the Philippines and another Masters from one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Harvard University in the USA. He has been a visiting scholar at two other very prestigious universities, Cambridge and Oxford in England. He has taught in several countries in Europe, the Americas and South East Asia. On-going research focuses on entrepreneurial/organizational development in Hong Kong and Guangdong China. Areas of investigation include economics and business with special focus on entrepreneurship, contextualized within social and geopolitical aspects. Professional Associations:

  • Academy of International Business, U.S.A. (member)
  • International Society of Business Economics & Ethics, U.S.A. (member)
  • Harvard Club of Hong Kong (former Exec Vice President; life time member)
  • East Asian Educational Association, Hong Kong (Board Member)
  • Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong (Executive Board Member)
  • Hong Kong Professional Teachers Union (member)
  • Oxford & Cambridge Society of Hong Kong (member)
  • The Cambridge Society, U.K. (life time member)
  • Academy of Management, U.S.A. (member)
  • Society of Management, U.S.A. (member)
  • International Society for the Study of Work & Organizational Values, U.S.A. (life time member)

Reuben is the author of seven books and 35 published articles. He has appeared on ABC Television, (Melbourne Australia) ANC Cable TV, ATV World TV, Bloomberg News, the BBC, CNN, CNBC, Digital Broadcasting Corp, Star News Asia and the Voice of America. Reuben has appeared over 80 times on CNBC, Asia, notably on Asia Market Watch, Asia Squawk Box and Asian Wall Street Journal of Air and over 50 times on CNN.


Fabricio F. Costa

Role: Consultant, Mentor
Country: Brazil
Education: Genetics, Entrepreneurship, Business
Expertise: Genetics, Biochemistry, Entrepreneurship, Health Care, Innovation, Digital Technology, Education

Fabricio F. Costa is a Brazilian researcher and entrepreneur with a Ph.D in Genetics and post-doctoral training at Harvard University. Dr. Costa has lived in the USA for over 10 years, and has become more involved in innovation and consulting. He has also contributed extensively to academic research with more than fifty peer-reviewed articles, two book chapters and a patent.

As an entrepreneur, he founded the consultancy company Genomic Enterprise, founded the company Genome Connect, co-founded the firm DataGenno Interactive Research and the start -up Health Academy in New York. He is a mentor at the Digital Technology Incubator MATTER in Chicago and was recently appointed a mentor at Techmall, a new startup Accelerator in Brazil and a Project manager at the Brazilian Educational Program for App Development (BEPID), which is sponsored by Apple. Dr. Costa is currently Director of Innovation and Research at UCB in Brasilia, Brazil.

Nabil Yahiaoui

Role: Consultant
Country: France
Education: International Business, Marketing, Innovation, Economics
Expertise: Strategic Planning, Creative Thinking, Qualitative Market Research, Photography

Nabil grew up in France from an Algerian family. He studied economics and business in France and in the USA and has spent fifteen years working for top tier companies on 3 continents, managing qualitative research projects on such topics as creative development, innovation, brand development and positioning.

He has done significant work and research in creativity and autistic children and is currently working as an innovation & strategy consultant, mostly with mid-sized companies and entrepreneurs. He also lectures frequently at universities and business schools in the Paris region. His passions are basketball, jazz and photography.


Tatree Nontasak

Role: Lecturer and Consultant
Country: United States and Thailand
Education: Sociology, Economics, Business
Expertise: Education, International Business, Human Resources, Diplomacy

Tatree Nontasak is an Associate Professor with interdisciplinary backgrounds. He is a former vice president for international affairs at Dhurakijpundit University in Bangkok Thailand and holds graduate degrees in sociology and an undergraduate degree in economics.  His research areas include quality of life, demography, personnel selection, and human factors.  His key personnel research was conducted for the United States Navy’s Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory in Pensacola, Florida.

His recent interests have been on international education management and development and higher education administration and capacity building.  He has served on various regional and international boards and committees including the Association of Southeast Asian Higher Institutions of Learning, the Asian Language Processing and Information Technology, and the University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific. Currently he is in the position of Director of the Master of Arts program in peace studies and diplomacy at Siam University in Bangkok, Thailand where he teaches international students and interacts regularly with foreign university leaders in order to develop and strengthen the university’s international network.

Pierre Olivier

Pierre Olivier

Country: France
Role: Lecturer and Consultant
Education: Business, Marketing
Expertise: International Business, Marketing, Management, Education

Pierre was born in Saint Malo, France, and graduated from the ICN Graduate School of Business School of the University of Nancy. He is a marketing specialist, with hands on experience helping to run some of Europe’s top firms. He worked in France in consumer products marketing for a brace of leading French companies including L’Oreal, Pernod-Ricard and Danone. Pierre was Sales and Marketing Director at Smith & Nephew, a British medical instrument company, where his innovative ideas helped bring the firm to new horizons. He was also part of the management team at Lohmann & Rausher, the Austrian-German company, which is a leader in the same field.

His international business background caught the attention of his former business school and he returned to join the management team at the ICN Business School in Nancy. There, he was in charge of the Graduate School and later assumed the role of Director of Corporate connections. A consultant now, he specializes in working with young entrepreneurs, coaching and lecturing.


Olesya Palchikova

Country: Russia
Role: Consultant
Education: Linguistics, Communications, Business
Expertise: International Business Communications, Marketing, Education, Management, Journalism

Born in Moscow, Olesya holds a Diploma from the International Institute of Linguistics and Humanities in Moscow, Russia in English and Teaching. Her MBA degree is from Nordakademie, University of Applied Sciences in Germany. She has work and consulting experience in marketing, product development, project management, and human resources management. Her principal research centers on the role of social media in marketing and communications. Olesya is a highly effective communicator and has experience working in cross-functional and international teams. Entrepreneurial, inquisitive and highly motivated, she is a good team player with can-do attitude. She is personally committed to social charity work and values equal opportunities and diversity. Her multinational experiences combined with language proficiency in English, German and Russian enable excellence in interpersonal and cross-cultural communication. Internationally mobile, she currently resides in Hamburg, Germany.

Carlos Sanchez

Carlos Sanchez-Lozano

Country: Colombia and Canada
Role: Lecturer
Education: Aerospace Engineering, Business, Education, Technology
Expertise: Emerging Technologies, Entrepreneurship, Education, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Programming

Carlos Sanchez-Lozano holds a BEng in Aerospace Engineering, an MBA, and a PhD in Educational Technology with emphasis on adult learning and interactive media. He has been a consultant for eLearning companies, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions in Canada, France, and Colombia. For 10 years he taught software applications and programming at Concordia University in Montreal. He has presented his work in various conferences in North America and Europe. His goal is to use new technologies to create innovative interactive narratives for advanced skills learning, organizational development, decision-making and communication. He is an entrepreneur and owns his own technology business in Colombia.

Yingsha Shen

Yingsha (Sasha) Shen

Country: China
Education and Expertise: International Business, Human Resources, Marketing

Yingsha (Sasha) Shen is from Hangzhou, China which is the capital city of Zhejiang Province not far from the business capital of Shanghai. She has a BA in International Economics & Trading and a Master’s degree in Operations and Supply Chain Management from the City University of Hong Kong. She is currently working for Capgemini as a HR professional with in-depth expertise on people care and business partnership.

Sasha has the ability to generate creative ideas and connect the dots, which provides her great opportunities to work across different industries such as manufacturing, beauty, apparels and IT consulting, etc. With rich experience and a diversity of skills, and her intimate knowledge of mainland China, Sasha is an important member of the World Innovation Team. She is also keenly involved in fashion and design and travels frequently to the United Kingdom.

Bahul Shrestha

Bahul Shrestha

Country: Nepal
Role: Consultant
Education: Business, Education
Expertise: Training, Marketing, International Business, Education, Public Administration

Bahul Shrestha is currently assisting Naresuan University (Royal Thai Government University) in the capacity of International Training Programme Specialist at one of its centers in Bangkok, Thailand. Prior joining Naresuan University Bangkok Center in 2012, he had served at AIT Extension of Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), as an International Training Program Coordinator for six years.

Bahul, who is a native of Nepal, has more than fifteen years of progressive responsible services and management positions, including communication, information dissemination and networking from the local to the international level.  He has extensive experience in working with various national governments, educational institutes and Overseas Development Agencies (ODA) in South and South-East Asia specifically in capacity building and professional development with much involvement in public sector development. Bahul holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Pokhara University in Nepal and is currently finishing his PhD in Development Administration at the Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA), Bangkok, Thailand.

Puleng Makhoalibe

Country: South Africa
Role: Consultant
Education: Computer Science, Management, Innovation
Expertise: International Business, Technology, Creativity, Education

Puleng is a specialist of technology, a facilitator of creativity, and an inquisitive researcher where these two worlds meet. She has fifteen years experience in creatively using technology to meet the future in various settings in industry, governments and now in higher education at the University of Cape Town (UCT). She sits on the boards of the Creative Education Foundation (CEF) in the USA, which in a sixty-year old organisation established to develop the next generation of creative thinkers and innovators unlocking their unlimited potential to improve the world.

Puleng is generous with her knowledge and shares it regularly as speaker, a lecturer at UCT and a published author. Her academic background entails a BSc in Computer Science and Statistics, Postgrad Certificate in Management and an MBA from UCT. She is in the process of submitting her PhD thesis in 2015 in Business Management where her research interest is in the area of Innovative project management and tapping on the power of collective creative ability in teams to birth novelty and creativity essential in 21st century projects using Design Thinking principles.

Along her formal IT Management Job at the University of Cape Town where she heads a department that is responsible for integration of technology and education in diverse fields in creative and performing arts and social sciences. She also works with international organisations such as KnowInnovation (UK & USA), CEF (USA), Worldbank (USA), UNFPA (USA) and Namibia Business Innovation Institute (Namibia) on innovation and design thinking within various industries.

Martin Goerlich

Country: Germany
Role: Consultant
Education: Business, Cross Cultural Management
Expertise: International Business, Strategy, Administration, Education, Program Design

Dr. Martin Goerlich is currently the Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Stamford University Thailand. He has lived and worked in more than 11 countries including Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Japan, China, Taiwan, the Netherlands and France and others. Before moving to Thailand he has lived for 9 years in the UK. He has also conducted intensive business trips to Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Dubai and other countries. He earned two Masters, including an MBA and a Doctorate in Business Administration from Northumbria University. Dr. Goerlichs last position at Northumbria was as a senior lecturer in Strategy and International Business with various responsibilities in teaching and administration. Prior being a full-time academic, Dr. Goerlich had many years of international experience in the retail, estate, travel and manufacturing industries.

“I want to give students the opportunity to explore the latest management trends and to exercise their critical thinking and creative skills in a multi-cultural environment. I try my best that every student can understand business from different perspectives in order to better position themselves in a global context.” – Martin Goerlich

Florijan Svetanic

Florijan Svetanic

Country: Germany and Slovenia
Role: Assistant Director
Education: Business, Finance
Expertise: Banking, Finance, International Business, Audit, Process Consulting

Florijan originally comes from Slovenia but grew up in Germany. His main expertise is in finance and banking. He worked for 5 years as the head of spot trading for a bank in Bremen, Germany, after working with several other Banks in Germany. He is now working for Siemens, one of Germany’s largest industrial companies. In his present position he travels extensively, mainly consulting local management and ensuring best practice sharing between countries and regions. In his last project he supported with implementation of a standalone treasury within a new organization.

Florijan has lived in the USA and in China before moving back to Germany. In 2007 he undertook a trip around the world. He loves to get to know new people and cultures and enjoys spending time in new environments.

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