Innovation Consulting Services

We are specialists in advertising, aerospace engineering, fine and performing arts, audit, banking, branding, business administration, business strategy, change management, coaching, communications, computer science and programming, costume design for the cinema, creativity, criminology, design, education, electrical engineering, emerging technologies, entrepreneurship, ethics, fashion, finance, human resources, innovation, information technology, international business, journalism, language, leadership, linguistics, literature, management marketing, political science, product management, psychology, public speaking, quality management, screenwriting, sociology, sports management, teaching.


STEP ONE: THE ANALYSIS: Ask 20 questions

Our international team of specialists will look at your business procedures from every possible angle and point of view, and after we have finished we’ll put forward 20 questions that will help to make your business more efficient and profitable.

“The important thing is to never stop questioning”
Albert Einstein

“I never learn by talking. I only learn when I ask questions.”
Lou Holtz, American sports analyst

The questions will help you to breakdown and understand and improve what you are currently doing. We will help you:

• Question and challenge your current methods and procedures. Determine which ones are working, and which are outdated or non-performing
• Understand that there are usually other alternatives, and identify and decide which of those alternatives is right for your business at this moment
• Involve your customers more fully in all phases of your business, (become customer centric) Look at your procedures from the customer’s point of view
• Involve your employees more completely, by energizing operations and revamping outdated procedures.
• Realize what your competitors are doing that you’re not doing
• Learn from firms in other countries which are operating in your sector
• Develop a competitive advantage, (something which distinguishes you from your competition and convinces customers to buy from and stay with you)

We are experts at asking the proactive, insightful and disruptive questions that are necessary for your business to expand and prosper, and to distinguish you from your competitors.

Why do you need us?

• Because your people are too close to your business, they don’t see it holistically. (unable to see the forest for the trees)
• Because your employees have not undergone prolonged, intensive training to make them highly creative. “It’s almost impossible to come up with out of the box ideas when you live in the box”.
• Because employees are not used to challenging and questioning everything they see. They’re afraid to try
• Because people are not used to looking for a better way of doing something when what they have works.
We specialize in: Simple, workable, practical solutions

STEP TWO: SOLUTIONS: For each of the 20 questions

Based upon our vast collective experience, we will then provide you with ideas and alternatives detailing what you can do for each of the questions. We’ll also work with you to implement the changes.

This will have an immediate and lasting effect on:

Management: employee motivation and attitude, enthusiasm, performance, efficiency, communications, turnover, productivity.
Marketing: sales, communications, customer satisfaction and retention, brand

World Innovation Team consultants are specialists at solving problems and finding opportunities. Our purpose is to optimize resources, create value and accelerate synergies using innovative tools and methods.