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Global Education Opportunity Of A Lifetime

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Special Global Education Opportunity

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Special Global Education Opportunity

Only 1% of all people have ever been to 40 countries

World Innovation Team

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Global Education Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Study in 40 Countries

World Innovation Team

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Global Education Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Study in 40 Countries with a Full Scholarship

World Innovation Team

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We'll take you to 40 countries

if you help us improve the world

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Global Education Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Study in 40 countries with a full scholarship

World Innovation Team

Project Objectives:

• Make people, (especially the young leaders of tomorrow) more keenly aware of the increased need for tolerance and understanding in their daily lives and in the world today
• Combat terrorism by helping young people become more tolerant and less radicalized
• Reduce xenophobia through interaction with 195goGlobal Ambassadors
• Produce a graphic and compelling film by the young people of the world which will speak to millions worldwide
• Help people to feel less threatened by globalization
• Help student leaders understand that only by working together will we be able to solve global problems. Get them involved in creating and connecting people and programs
• Break down barriers
• Promote global cooperation and communication
• Introduce students around the world to innovation theories and to what they can accomplish if they apply those theories to social issues
• Get more young people involved in innovation and film making
• Get people to stop looking at other people as threats and enemies and start looking at them more as friends
• Let people around the world meet representatives from other countries, not to showcase the differences, but to highlight the similarities and to foster understanding via linkages and friendships

Project Uniqueness:

• There are not many programs that are global, fewer still that involve all the countries of the world and still fewer that involve students in all those countries
• Diversity. Student ambassadors will come from a wide range of backgrounds and represent different academic levels and study areas
• Millions of students around the world will become involved because of the subject and the potential rewards. They will submit videos in significant numbers
• It is rare to have a social innovation program of this importance and scale
• The project involves educational institutions and the business communities. To make any changes in the world you need to involve those sectors
• This is an international effort. No organization or country will dominate. The program organizers represent several countries and cultures
• This will be an ongoing program. Therefore we hope that organizations will be set up in universities around the world to promote greater tolerance, and that the work of each ambassador will have a lasting impact on their home university and country

A Global Project:

Terrorism has also increased because the world is becoming more global. Groups today can take their fight onto the world stage and try to bring down a plane, or make an entire city seem unsafe. It is a way of getting recognition and notoriety for their causes. Regional conflicts have long existed. Now those conflicts are spilling over traditional boundaries and are becoming global problems. Unprecedented migration is destabilizing many areas of the world.

Many people today, (Brexit) are against globalization because they want the world the way it used to be, (small, local and manageable) but that’s impossible. Globalization cannot be turned off. Advances in technology won’t allow it.

“Globalization is not something we can hold off or turn off. We can work to maximize its benefits and minimize its risks, but we can’t ignore it.” Bill Clinton, in Hanoi, Vietnam in the year 2000

Because the world is getting smaller we also need to be more tolerant of people who appear to be different than we are. Tolerance, (not choosing to harm others because we like and respect them) is the main way to fight terrorism.

If you don’t go to the world, the world will come to you.  If you’re not ready to go, you have to at least be ready to receive

An Urgent Project:

“I prefer my children to my cousins, and my cousins to my neighbors, and my neighbors to my countrymen, and my countrymen to people from other countries”, Jean-Marie le Pen, former leader of the National Front right wing party in France and former Presidential Candidate.

Tolerance comes from understanding. Unfortunately, the notion of belonging to one country, one religion, one club, often leads to the preference for that country, religion and club and to the idea that all others are inferior. The beauty of internationalization is not simply meeting other people but understanding them. When you understand, you stop being afraid. When you stop being afraid, you stop worrying about protecting yourself. When you are out to protect yourself, you perceive all actions, words, ideas and strangers as potential threats.

Innovation: Applicants will be urged to pour their creativity and innovation into the project and to produce something which will not only represent their country but more importantly a lasting document which will make people around the world more aware of the need for global tolerance. The basis of creativity and innovation is tolerance and the ability to see the perspectives and points of view of other people.

Relationship between tolerance and innovation: People are highly creative if they can consistently look at things, situations and people in new and different ways. This entails finding connections between things, issues and people and seeing perspectives and points of view other than one’s own. This requires tolerance. When you work in innovation, you quickly realize that tolerance drives every innovative thought.


The requirements for this program are as follows:

  • Minimum 2 years of postsecondary (undergraduate college or university level) studies in any subject area, at an institution or institutions of higher education
  • Proficiency in English
  • Minimum 21 years of age. Applicants who turn 21 during the running of the program (before November 30, 2017) may apply.
  • In good health, no existing medical problems which would inhibit study or travel

Participants will need to have a passport which is valid for the duration of the program, since they will not have time once the program begins for passport renewal. Visas will be the student’s responsibility, both in terms of application, issuance and fees. We will help students as much as possible in the organization and application processes for the necessary visas. Participants will be responsible for their own personal medical and/or accident insurance for the duration of the program. World Innovation Team will not provide any medical or accident insurance for participants other than those provided by third parties, including hotels and transportation companies.

Application Fee

Application to the program requires a non-refundable one-time application fee of 192 US dollars per application.

Why do I have to pay an application fee?

  • Space on a program like this is limited. We have to be sure that all applicants fit the profile we are looking for. We also interview all the finalists via Skype. All this review takes time and is expensive.
  • Most private schools and universities charge application fees for their programs: Harvard University does, so does Stanford University, and more than 2,500 other institutions in the USA. They also charge students fees once they enroll – but we don’t. The only fee we ever charge is the one time application fee. Governments also charge people application fees when they apply for visas, even if the visa gets rejected. The fee covers the administrative costs as it is standard procedure worldwide.
  • We are offering Team members a lot. The program covers travel to 40 countries, accommodation for 11 months and tuition. No other scholarship program offers you this much.
    The fee is to apply to the program. It is not for the scholarships.

Application fees will be refunded if for any reason the program is cancelled. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions. The application fee needs to be paid online via credit card at the time the application is submitted. All major credit cards are accepted. Bank-to-bank transfers are also accepted.


Selection will be based on several factors, including education, experience, motivation, background, adaptability and creativity. This is because participants will be expected to blend their innovative skills and act as a high performance unit in the problem based learning segments of the program. The year will be an intense one. Students will live, study and work together. The ability to work in team situations will be an important criteria for selection. The two creativity courses will challenge students with a variety of exercises, many coming from theater and acting. It will require students to cast off inhibitions as they work to acquire the creative attitude.

Academic performance will only be one of the factors for selection to this program. Selection will also focus on personality, motivation and English language skills. Because the team will be expected to perform as a high performance unit, selection will resemble a “job interview” more than anything else. Finalists for the program will be interviewed via Skype or Facetime.

Applicants will be encouraged (but not required) to submit a video with their application to show their creative abilities and to post the video on YouTube. Guidelines will be given in the application forms concerning possible themes for videos. The hope is that the group will reflect a wide range of backgrounds (nationality, religion, profession, age, and education).

The following applicants have been admitted to the program as of July 1, 2016

Mr. Jake Stewart (Australia)
Ms. Joan H. Elgincolin (Philippines)
Ms. Jantarapassorn Kittinuttakul (Thailand)
Ms. Sara Ronzoni (Italy)
Mr. Li Yibo (China)
Ms. Tra My Le (Vietnam)
Mr. Aushim Merchant (Thailand)
Ms. Nhi Do Tuyet (Denmark)
Ms. Jena Cavrich (USA)
Mr. Pawan Rao (India)
Mr. Daniel Howard (USA)
Ms. Rim Ben Haj Yahia (Tunisia)
Ms. Kabwe Mwenge (Tanzania)
Ms. Bich Tran (Vietnam)
Ms. Piyapattra Chaimahawong (Thailand)
Mr. Chris Federer (USA)

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