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Global Education Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Study In 40 Countries

World Innovation Team

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Special Global Education Opportunity

Apply For A Scholarship Today

World Innovation Team

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Special Global Education Opportunity

Only 1% of all people have ever been to 40 countries

World Innovation Team

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Global Education Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Study in 40 Countries

World Innovation Team

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Global Education Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Study in 40 Countries with a Full Scholarship

World Innovation Team

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We'll take you to 40 countries

if you help us improve the world

World Innovation Team

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Global Education Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Study in 40 countries with a full scholarship

World Innovation Team

What some people are saying


“The World Innovation Team is a top-class creativity and innovation program. Highly recommend for those individual talents who look to unlock their creativity to the next level, traveling the world and tackling global innovation projects that no one has done before.”

Professor Narudee Kristhain, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


“If you want to help make a difference in the world, this is the program to join.”

Associate Professor Dr. Reuben Mondejar, City University of Hong Kong


“I thought that my university degree would also prepare me to become a successful entrepreneur. Instead I found myself studying in Germany and France at top universities, which are much more oriented at preparing students for a corporate career. In the traditional university approach we are not prepared to become successful entrepreneurs, but successful employees. The World Innovation Team closes this gap. I think it is THE opportunity for anybody wanting or dreaming of becoming a successful problem solver – which all successful entrepreneurs are in the end. I highly recommend this program.”

Michael Dutenhofner, CEO of G-Care, health care products, Mannheim, Germany


“The World Innovation Team lets you unchain your dreams.”

Alain Khoury, CEO of SNK-Intertrade, Paris, France


“This puts all the education programs that claim to have global components to shame.”

Adrian Miller, business student, University of Nancy, France


“I had a lot of convincing to do, but you have to stick your neck out, raise the bar and think out of the box.”

Anil Kapoor, Indian actor and film producer


“I like the way you think, Professor Gogatz (World Innovation Team Accociate Professor Art Gogatz).  You simplify complicated things.”

Joan Hope Elgincolin, MBA Graduate at Stamford University, Bangkok, Thailand. Originally from the Philippines.


“Your concept at the World Innovation Team is very interesting and I am quite impressed with the program. I believe there is a connection between movement and creativity. By leaving your comfort zone, we can make new references which can be linked to existing knowledge and create new connections.”

Edwin Willems, Entrepreneur, Food Products Industry, Maastricht, Holland


“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.”

Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group


“Radical Innovations rarely come from large organizations… Unless, of course, they hire World Innovation Team Graduates.”

Professor Mikkel Draebye, SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, Italy


“Well done program!”

Sylvie Galichet, Management Consultant & Entrepreneur, Nancy, France


“I really thank you (Professor Art Gogatz) for teaching me to be a crazy person who thinks out of the box, not a ‘general, ordinary bird’, but a ‘big bird’.”

Mrs. Warin Siangklom, MBA student at Stamford University, Bangkok, Thailand


“The scholarships give everyone the chance to have a global experience. How many people do you know who have been to 40 countries, or even 20?”

Sam Levine, Senior Marketing Manager, New York City, USA


“World Innovation Team Director Arthur Gogatz was the professor of my Business Creativity course when I studied for my Master’s Degree in Hong Kong. Arthur is a one-of-a-kind teacher who lives what he teaches. He is a living example of embracing creativity and opening up to possibilities. His course assignments made such a long-lasting impression in my mind that it fundamentally changed the way I work and think in a positive way. Take his course, you will never regret it!”

Karen Wu, (Chinese – HKSAR) Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications, Cyberport, Hong Kong


“The capacity to innovate, the ability to solve problems creatively or bring new possibilities to life, and skills like critical thinking, communication and collaboration are far more important than academic knowledge.”

Tony Wagner, Harvard education specialist and author


“Wow! Awesome program. Congratulations for being able to put together so much talent, diversity and inspiration”.

Ignacio Villoch, Innovation, Communication and PR Professional, Madrid, Spain


“This global education program brings together cultures and innovations from all around the world. Learning from diverse parts of the world in a multicultural environment is an extraordinary opportunity that is possible only through this kind of platform. The professors are as international as the students.”

Bahul Shrestha, Business Consultant and Development Administration specialist, Phd Candidate, Nepal


“Professor Gogatz, I just want to say I’m working on applying the theories of thinking outside the box in business and life, looking at them from new perspectives, challenging norms and taking more risks. Thanks for the wonderful class, it’s one of the best classes I ever took.”

Garvin Boonsoong, former MBA student at Dhurakijpundit University, Bangkok, Thailand, Entrepreneur in Marketing, Los Angeles, California,  USA


“You can’t become creative if you stay in the same place, in the same offices, with the same colleagues, same routines and same challenges. You’ve got to move. The World Innovation Team is the first program to do this.”

Carol Hernandez, Fashion Design Student, Milan, Italy


“The experience of a lifetime”

Sarah Johns, Travel agent and consultant, Birmingham, England


“The way you will thrive in this environment is by innovating, innovating in technologies, innovating in strategies, innovating in business models.”

Samuel Palmisano, former CEO of IBM


“Indeed the World Innovation Team program is a great success in terms of revolutionizing the basic forms of education. Wish you lots of talented students. They will lead the world to a better future!”

Olesya Palchikova, International Communications Consultant, Hamburg, Germany & Moscow, Russia


“Go as far as you can go, and when you get there you’ll see further. If you want to go further in life and make a difference in the world, come with us. Together we can.”

World Innovation Team, 2015


“Forty countries in one year – What a unique and awesome experience.”

Randall Cummings, freelance graphic designer, San Diego, California, USA


“We’re looking for people who could have followed Alice into Wonderland, and even after growing up, still watch for rabbits with watches.”

Art Gogatz, Director, World Innovation Team


“What a wonderful program and approach.”

Jerry Abrams, Center for Creative Leadership. Virginia, USA


“I love this bold initiative.”

Daniel Greenberger, Strategic Planning and Innovation Facilitator, Brand Strategist, Chicago, USA


“The program that you built sounds amazing.”

Orlando Frasci, Educational Program Design and Marketing Consultant, Social Innovation Specialist, San Francisco, USA


“I completely support this world venture. It has been part of my life vision and purpose.”

Dr. Colin Steyn, CEO of the Centre of Integral Innovation and Development, Johannesburg, South Africa


“It is an amazing project.”

Alejandra Benitez, Managing Director at abCreativa, Consultoria y Capacitacion, Argentina


“What a unique and exciting opportunity.”

Amber Parks, Director at the Learning Project, Los Angeles, USA


“After reading your message and visiting your website, my most polished professional and academic response to this program is, wow! I would love to be involved on any level possible.”

Jo Yudess, President at United Innovations, Buffalo, New York, USA


“What an audacious goal your team has set. You have my deepest respect and admiration. This sounds like an incredibly fascinating undertaking.”

Anthony Mills, CEO at Legacy Innovation Group, Michigan, USA


“Your program sounds awesome, and I rarely use that word.”

Dr. Cathie Currie, STEM Outreach, Columbia University, New York, USA


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